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We offer clinical trials in Tampa for patients interested in advancing medical research and developing innovative treatments that can benefit future generations.

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Your Choice for Clinical Trials in Tampa

Optimum Clinical Trial Group is Your Choice for Clinical Trials in Tampa, providing patients with access to cutting-edge medical research and innovative treatments in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Our Mission

To advance healthcare through compassionate expertise and excellence in conducting high-quality clinical trials.

Our Vision

To be a leader in advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes through high-quality clinical trials.

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Schizophrenia clinical trials explore new medications and psychosocial interventions to improve symptom management and quality of life. These studies involve diagnosed individuals, assessing the efficacy and safety of emerging therapies.

Severe Allergy

Clinical trials for severe allergies focus on testing therapies that prevent reactions or improve symptom management. Participants include individuals with life-threatening allergies, aiming to enhance treatment safety and effectiveness.


Clinical trials for Parkinson's disease test new treatments aimed at managing symptoms and slowing progression. These studies involve participants at various stages of Parkinson's to evaluate the effectiveness of innovative therapies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are clinical trials important?

Clinical trials play a vital role in advancing medical knowledge and enhancing patient care by identifying innovative treatments, therapies, and medical devices that are more effective than existing options. By establishing the safety and efficacy of these interventions, clinical trials help to improve patient outcomes and drive medical progress forward.

Who can participate in clinical trials?

Each clinical trial has unique eligibility criteria that participants must meet, such as age, gender, medical history, and other factors. Some trials may be tailored to individuals with a particular medical condition, while others may be open to healthy individuals.

What happens during a clinical trial?

During a clinical trial, participants may receive a new treatment or therapy, or a placebo or standard treatment. Throughout the trial, medical professionals closely monitor the participants to evaluate their response to the treatment and identify any potential side effects.


Our Providers

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Principal Investigator

Arnaldo Orellana Molina

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Erick Grana

Dr Ashok M. Patel (M.D)


Dr Ashok M. Patel (M.D)

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Iralidys Hernadez

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Yiset Sanchez

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Michel Reyes

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Our Clinical Trials Process

Clinical trials are a crucial part of medical research. They involve several phases, beginning with small-scale safety studies and advancing to large-scale trials to confirm effectiveness. Understanding these phases is essential for researchers, medical professionals, and patients.

Phase 1

Phase one tests safety and efficacy on a small group of healthy volunteers initially.

Phase 2

Phase two involves a larger group of participants who have the condition or disease that the drug or intervention is intended to treat.

Phase 3

Phase three confirms the safety and effectiveness of the treatment on a larger population. This phase usually involves several thousand participants and may last several years.

Phase 4

Phase four involves monitoring the treatment's safety and effectiveness after it has been approved for public use. This phase typically involves a large population and can last for several years.

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What Volunteers Say About Us.

  • R

    Rosana Diaz

    Phase II Volunteer

    I was a little nervous about joining a clinical trial, but the team made it easy for me. They explained everything in plain language and answered all my questions. It was a good experience, and I'm happy to have helped with medical research.


    Peter Wilson

    Phase I Volunteer

    My experience with OPTIMUM during my clinical trial was fantastic. The staff was knowledgeable, kind, and always available to answer my questions. They took great care of me and made me feel comfortable throughout the study.

  • L

    Lina Basa

    Phase I Volunteer

    I was hesitant to participate in a clinical trial, but they made the process quite easy and stress-free. The staff was welcoming and informative and helpful.      


    Joseph Rodriguez

    Prospective Participant

    Working with Optimum was a great experience. They provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision about the trial. They were supportive and understanding throughout the entire process.

  • R

    Rosana Kaun

    Business Manager
    "I was nervous about joining a clinical trial, but the team at OPTIMUM put my mind at ease. They were professional and took great care of me throughout the study."
  • P

    Patrick Smith

    "OPTIMUM provided me with top-notch care during my clinical trial. The staff was knowledgeable, kind, and always available to answer my questions.
  • J

    Joseph Peck

    "I had a fantastic experience at OPTIMUM. The team kept me informed throughout the trial. They went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable.
  • L

    Lisa An

    "I was hesitant to participate in a clinical trial, but OPTIMUM made the process easy and stress-free. The staff was welcoming and informative.

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Types Of Studies Trials

Treatment trials

These trials test new treatments, therapies, or medications. They may compare a new treatment to an existing treatment, a placebo, or no treatment at all.

Prevention trials

These trials test interventions designed to prevent a disease or condition from developing. This may include lifestyle changes, medications, or vaccines.

Diagnostic trials

These trials test new ways to diagnose a disease or condition, such as new imaging techniques or blood tests.

Quality of life trials

Are designed to assess the impact of medical interventions on a patient's quality of life, including their ability to perform daily activities, emotional well-being, and overall well-being.

Screening trials

Screening trials test new methods for detecting specific diseases or conditions and involve a large number of participants undergoing screening using the new method and a control group using the current standard of care.

Observational trials

Involve observing and collecting data on a group of participants to investigate the relationship between a particular treatment or intervention and a health outcome.

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